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Borgo in Festa Winter on Hyblaean. Sunday 25 January.

A nice idea for a Sunday stroll. All the village clapping and then you are sent to taste our menu Sunday. Booking welcome.

The appointment of all winter Borgo in Festa. Sustainability, Activities for children and Discovering Ferla, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The complete program:

hours 10.00 “Happy Birthday Ecostazione“, Cottage “Capuchins”
Recognition and Awards Families deserving. Stands and craft fair and reuse.

hours 10.30 “Compost-iamoci Well“, Cottage “Capuchins”
Along with Zero Waste Sicily, formation meeting for citizens on home composting

hours 11.30 “Rush, Eco-Mimo“, Municipal house “Capuchins”
Interactive show of mime for children with the collaboration of the Zero Waste Sicily

hours 11.30 “Discover Ferla 2.0
Eco-cultural walks by the Municipal Administration. New Itinerary, Church and Convent of the Capuchins, Church of Santa Maria, Ecostazione and Municipal Water House.

hours 13.00 “Lunch community“, Traditional iblea (Booking welcome)
in collaboration with the Secular Franciscan Order of Ferla through an offer symbolic order for participant

hours 15.30 “Discover Ferla
Eco-cultural walks by the Municipal Administration. Itinerary: the village and the baroque of Ferla, visits to churches and historic buildings.

hours 15.30 “Ricicreo and…I learn
Creative workshop for children from 6 to 13 years by the Association Ricicreo Ferla.

hours 17.30 “the Sicilian municipalities Towards Zero Waste“,
Municipal Auditorium
Roundtable on good practice and on the actions taken by the municipalities Sicilians who joined or are about to join the Zero Waste Strategy.

In addition to, for the whole day, Free water supply Water at the House of Ferla.

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