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Acknowledgments 2006

    • Undiluted
    • Presence on magazine Merum

      • Our company is in the guide Merum “Wine Grappa Oil” with an excellent rating (by the three stars up)
    • guidaextravergini2006
    • Guide to Extra 2006

      • Company Reviewed and inserted into the guide with Slow Food 2 olive
    • Undiluted
    • Cherub

      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Terraliva Cherubino, Dop Monti Iblei, organic, included among the best 10 oils worldwide by the German magazine Merum June 2006
    • mastri-oleari
    • Leone d'Oro 2006

      • International Competition
      • 1° classified category Intense Fruity
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from organic farming
    • extravergine2006
    • Selection for the Best Oils World Quality

      • The company Terraliva Frontino Giuseppina selected on over 3000 companies in the world has been inserted within the guide The Guide to the Best Extra Virgin Oils World Quality ascertained 2006
    • montiferru
    • Organic oils Edition 2006

      • National Competition Montiferru
      • 1St place for Best Dop
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from organic farming
    • I Orciolo
    • 1° Classified to’ Orciolo d'Oro 2006

      • Cherubino Extra Virgin Olive Oil from organic farming 1st Place Intense Fruity category at the VII National Competition Oils Organic Orciolo Gold Edition 2006
    • soldoro
    • SOL D'ORO 2006

      • Cherubino Extra Virgin Olive Oil from organic farming Gran mention International Competition Oleario
    • spiritodivino
    • Best extra virgin

      • Cherubino company Terraliva Frontino Giuseppina was inserted between the 24 best extra virgin olive oils of Sicily by the authoritative magazine Spirit of Wine and found the best olive oil in the category medium fruity

Mailing Address: The. Agr. TERRALIVA di Frontino Giuseppina Your Galermi 22, 96100 Syracuse - Italy

Tenimenti in C.da Zocca 96010 Buccheri (SR) Such. +39 0931.880062 - Fax 0931.414863 Cell. 339 6585785 - 333.1188525