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L'oro food: A panacea for all evil

Alchemists, in the fifteenth century, used to prepare numerous medicinal substances using gold, considered a good remedy for every ailment. In Renaissance Venice the dual function of medicine and gold symbol of wealth was collected in the use of serving at the end of lunch confetti covered with gold leaf because reinforced and protected the heart from rheumatism. In Milan Visconti gold was mixed by pharmacists with the bad things that had to swallow in order to make them more palatable.

The use of gold in the kitchen in the sixteenth century Padua became so excessive, so much so that the political authority had to deal with it and the city council decided that the wedding lunches could not be served more than two courses with this metal.

The Legend of Terraliva

It is said that long ago the Angels Cherubim descended from heaven in search of the best olives, after much wandering decided to stop by us to produce the best oil to bring to Heaven, called that place Terraliva (Land of Olives). So today in the very traditionally produce an oil that boasts several awards. Even today on autumn evenings you can see Cherubini pick olives in ns. Tenimenti and rest, before embarking on the long journey, in the rooms where now stands the Farm. Of course this is a true story only half.
So Cavarra

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